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Tutor of Mathematics & Basic Computer Science

Lindsay has a Master’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education and has been teaching for 14 years all over the world. She has taught many levels of mathematics, including courses at the university level, as well as in every type of school imaginable: public, private, charter, international, etc. Aside from teaching in the US, she has also taught abroad for many years in Spain and Norway.
Currently located in Europe, she has most recently taught IGCSE and MYP Mathematics as well as IGCSE Computer Science and MYP Design.
With her very specialized degree in Secondary Mathematics Education, passion for technology, level of experience in the classroom, enthusiasm for learning about foreign cultures, and her world-wide travels, one can see that Lindsay is truly an amazing educator.

Bachelor’s Degree:

Master’s Degree:
Secondary Mathematics Education


Computer Science (& Computational Thinking), English Conversation, Natural Science 1, Natural Science 2, Math Workshop, Math 8, Applied Math 1, Algebra 1, Honors Algebra 1, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Conceptual Mathematics, Honors Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, College Math Adult Education

Grade 5 – University Level

Math & Computer Science
(logic, critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, computational thinking)

Lindsay tries to visit at least one school in every country she travels to in order to learn about different pedagogical styles.


FAQ About Lindsay

Why are you the best math tutor?


01 | Degree / Training – There are other math tutors out there, but most do not have a Masters Degree in, specifically, the art of teaching upper level mathematics. Communication and content knowledge are both important characteristics of what you should look for in a tutor…

Someone with just a degree in just mathematics, economics, engineering, etc. will understand upper level math, but will lack the essential training of HOW to teach and effectively communicate. You must keep in mind that people with most math-based degrees will understand how to do a particular math problem but they are not trained on how to read and understand students. They explain to the student “this is how you do the problem” and try to teach the student of what makes sense to them (not necessarily in the best way for each individual student).

I, on the other hand, am trained in how to read students and understand what already makes sense to each individual student, and then work with that to make more difficult concepts seem familiar and easy (not foreign).

02 | Experience – I have been a teacher as well as a private tutor and home school teacher for about 15 years. Currently, I’m teaching overseas in an international school in Norway, but I also teach online to students all over the world.

03 | Amazing Feedback – When I taught online, I have had only amazing feedback from my students, and parents. I have a perfect system set up for engaged learning and have been practicing online teaching for years.

During to COVID-19, I taught full-time online with up to 22 students in one online session, and things ran very smoothly. Online math class is almost exactly the same as in-person math class, but the whiteboard is collaborative and interactive on the laptop instead of in front of the classroom. Students can talk to me as I teach (which is strongly encouraged) just like in a real classroom!

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