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After your free online session, you can choose to continue with the tutoring sessions RISK FREE! This means, that you do not have to commit to a bulk package upfront, but you can still receive bulk prices later! How? Simply pay the normal hourly rate after the free session (1-2 hours), and then you can make a decision if you would like to start saving big by buying in bulk. If you choose to continue with a bulk package, we’ll apply the bulk discount to your previously paid hour(s) – it’s almost like getting money back!


What happens if I change my mind after a payment is made?

No problem! Payments to PNW Tutors can be transferred to any other tutoring option available, OR completely reimbursed!

Example 1: You requested “Classmate Lessons,” (perhaps your child and a friend in his/her class were hoping to study together), but then that other student drops out and doesn’t want tutoring at all, your money is not lost! We will simply figure out another tutoring option for the same price.

Example 2: You paid for a bulk package of 24 hours of tutoring, but then after 14 hours, decided the rest of tutoring isn’t necessary. No problem – we will fully reimburse you for the unused remaining hours (at the normal hourly rate).