★ Quadratics


Null Factor Rule
0=ab, then a=0 or b=0

x-intercepts, y=0
y-intercept, x=0
negative in front, U is up-side-down
Axis of Symmetry: x = -b/2a
Plug in x value to find y value, then point is the vertex

Different Forms of Quadratics
Standard Form: ax² + bx + c = 0
Factored Form: y = a (x – p) (x – q), where the x-intercepts are (p,0) and (q,0)
Vertex Form: y = a ( x − h )² + k, where (h,k) is the vertex

Word Problems
Maximum height = y value of the vertex
How much time = x value
x-axis is always the independent variable (usually time)
y-axis (height, for example) is always dependent on x
“How long until the ball hits the ground?” Height (y)=0, then solve for x (Time)


★ Coordinate Geometry

Distance between two points (make a right triangle and use Pythagorean Theorem)
Midpoint between two points
Equations of lines
Determining if the point is on a line: plug it in, and will be a true statement
Slope/Gradient (rise/run)
Parallel Slope (same)
Perpendicular Slope (opposite reciprocal)
Triangles: Scalene (no sides the same), Isosceles (2 sides the same), Equilateral (3 sides the same)
Average rate of change is the same as calculating the slope

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