Ms. Summers Contact Info’

I’m sorry I wasn’t in class this last week of school – it would have been fun to just hang out with you, but I had a lot of meetings this week, so a substitute was necessary. One of the meetings was about me taking next year off (but back in August 2023) – I’m 99% sure I’ll do this, but I’m still so torn about the decision because I’ll miss you guys so much!

Regardless if I’m at NLIS or not, (1) you can contact me at any time if you ever need some math help, (2) I’ll still be in Oslo if you ever want to go skiing/snowboarding, and (3) I will always be your teacher, no matter what countries we’re in or how much time passes in our lives. I have students who still message me from 13 years ago who are now married, with kids, and have their PhDs – I would love if you did the same.

Please stay in touch, kiddos! I miss you already ♡

IG: @holestories
WhatsApp: +1.631.766.7026