Become a Tutor

Want to be a tutor for PNW Tutors? Send us email: info@PNWtutors.com


Tutor Perks

★ Great Pay

★ Never deal with awkward money collection from clients

★ Never worry about finding your own students – we’ll find the students for you!

★ Make your own schedule – work only when you want to


Tutor Responsibilities

★ Video conference with students 1-2 times per week

★ Take detailed notes on the digital whiteboard

★ Save the lesson’s notes as a picture file to be stored in an online notebook


Tutor Checklist

★ Teaching experience

★ Strong and reliable WiFi

★ A way to digitally write on the screen (either with a pad and stylus, or with your finger and touch screen)

★ Venmo – to be paid each month


Tutor Pay Out

Tutors will start at about $30 to $45 per hour (depending on your degree and years of teaching experience). Once you’ve tutored your first few tutoring sessions, then you’ll be moved up to the next pay step. How much you earn is completely up to you.

As long as you get good reviews from the students and parents, and you don’t miss any lessons, you’ll continue to move up the ranks, earning more money per hour!

Once a tutor as completed a lesson, points (which are the same as the dollar amount for which you earn) will be added to your account. At the end of each month, you will be paid (via Venmo) the amount of points you have accumulated.

Tutors will create a user name and password so that they can easily check their points at any time.


How It Works & The Fine Print

Tutors must submit their resume and references, just like applying to any other job. If they are accepted, they then must attend an online interview which will incorporate some time to show that they can use the technology that PNW Tutors requires: working microphone, webcam, fast WiFi, and being able to use the digital whiteboard is a plus.

Once a tutor is accepted into the PNW Tutors family, then everything will be taken care of! Advertizing, finding new students, negotiation of pay, and collecting money will all be taken dealt with for you!

Because of this, there is a Non-Compete Clause for all tutors: Once someone becomes a PNW Tutor, he/she can not tutor on their own outside of PNW Tutors. This includes students found by PNW Tutors, as well as any student the tutor may have known separately, on their own, outside of PNW Tutors. This also includes ex-PNW-students as well as ex-PNW-tutors. Meaning if a tutor or a student are no longer with PNW Tutors, then the tutor is still not allowed to tutor that student after they have left PNW Tutors.

If a tutor knows of a student who he/she would like to tutor, then he/she must refer that student to PNW Tutors. Since PNW Tutors has excellent pricing and pays our tutors close to 100%, this really should not be an issue if you think of all the other perks that PNW Tutors has to offer!