Become a Student

Become a student and lock in any promotional rates in just 3 easy steps!


(1) Choose which lessons are best for you:

All of the following are online and are available in bulk pricing options (the more you book, the cheaper each session is per hour).


(2) Fill out this form

click the link and join today


(3) Make a small deposit to hold promotional rates

An email will be sent to you within 3 business days with some of the best options and prices (based on what you filled out on the form, and whatever promotional rates are available at that time). Once you’ve made a decision, complete a 20% deposit to lock in promotional rates. Tutoring will begin when you want it to begin!



What happens if I change my mind after the deposit is made?

No problem! Example: If you filled out the form requesting “Classmate Lessons,” (perhaps your child and another friend in his/her class), but then that other student drops out and doesn’t want tutoring at all, YOUR money is not lost! If they drop out, then they will lose their deposit. However, your deposit can then be transferred to any other lesson options. The deposit just confirms a spot for the student, but that spot is transferable to any other lesson option.


(3+) After the Deposit / Email Correspondence to Coordinate

After the deposit is paid and a place is reserved for the student with locked in rates, we will be in contact with each other via email to coordinate. We can either figure out a schedule right away, or wait until the student is settled into the new school year – but we will then be connected to establish a plan.