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We are a team of dedicated professional educators who love helping students reach their maximum potential.
We offer affordable and personalized academic assistance opportunities to students, in individual and group settings.
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highly qualified with over a decade of experience

Here at PNW Tutors, we strive for excellence based on the mindset and philosophies of the great Pacific Northwest. Some of the main characteristics that we focus on are to be well equipped, a risk taker, creative, inquisitive, and logical. The best learning comes from when a student is well-balanced. Helping students achieve this important balance is our main aim.

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Personal Webpage

Each student has a personal webpage with customized assignments, lesson dates, video link, and much more!

Digital Whiteboards

Individual online whiteboards for each student. Here, the student and tutor can collaborate and share ideas, in real-time!

Video Conferencing

Students, tutors, and parents can easily communicate via video chat. Bookmark the link for easy access each week!

Updated Notes

Students can easily access the lesson notes at any time from their webpage

Student Points

Earn points easily! During each tutoring session, students can earn points by completing homework, asking questions, and staying on task.

Many Ways to Save

Buy sessions in bulk, invite friends, and many other ways to save money on tutoring lessons.

Easy Payment

Trusted & secure easy payments from anywhere!
PayPal / Venmo (US) or
Vipps / direct bank transfer (Norway)



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